Webloc Tool


Webloc Tool is an app that enables your iOS device to open web links, such as Mac's webloc and Windows Internet Shortcut. Those links are created on Mac by dragging an icon of the website to your desktop or on PC, by right-clicking the page and choosing "Internet Shortcut".

Weblocs and Internet Shortcuts are very useful for storing your favorite websites, revisiting pages for later reading or collecting websites while doing the research. While every browser has a bookmark feature that is often used for same purpose, weblocs are great for sharing links between different web browsers, computers, devices and operating systems. If you combine weblocs and Internet Shortcuts with file synchronization services like Dropbox or Skydrive you can have up-to-date copy of all of your links on all of your devices.

Webloc Tool will help you use web links on your iOS device, open links in Safari or Chrome browsers and share interesting links on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

By itself, Webloc Tool does nothing, to use it you need to fill it with some weblocs or Internet shortcuts. You can do that using iTunes File Sharing feature or by "dropping" weblocs or Internet Shortcuts from Dropbox, Skydrive or any other app.

How To Transfer web links to Webloc Tool using iTunes

You can use USB cable to transfer links from your computer to Webloc Tool. To do that you need to use iTunes on your computer.

  1. start iTunes on your computer (Mac or PC)
  2. connect your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
  3. choose your device on the left pane of iTunes window
  4. select App tabs on the top of the right pane
  5. scroll down until you find File Sharing section
  6. select Webloc Tool in the list of apps
  7. drop your Webloc or Internet Shortcut files to the windows Webloc Tool Documents


How to use Internet file synchronization services

Most powerful usage scenario of Webloc Tool is in cooperation with Dropbox, Skydrive or other file synchronization services. On your computer, you can create a folder structure with various web links. You can put those folders in your Dropbox folder, and later access it on your iOS device using Dropbox or Skydrive app. Using "Open In" option of Dropbox, Skydrive and other you can open those links in the Webloc Tool.

How to open web link from Dropbox:

  1. navigate through folder structure
  2. select the webloc file you’d like to open
  3. choose rightmost button in toolbar
  4. when Open In panel appears, choose Webloc Tool.
  5. Your link will then open in Webloc Tool


If you want to save the link in local folder, click on Done and choose "Save & Exit". Otherwise, choose just Exit.

How to open web link from Skydrive:

  1. navigate through folder structure
  2. choose the action button (the rightmost button in the toolbar on the bottom of the screen)
  3. tap on "Open In Another App"
  4. when "Open In.." panel appears, choose Webloc Tool.


If you want to save the link in local folder, click on Done and choose "Save & Exit". Otherwise, choose just Exit.

You can also create a folder structure of various web links. If you combine it with file sync systems like Dropbox or Skydrive, you can synchronize the folder structure across various computers and devices. Webloc Tool can be used to preview those files and open it in either Safari or Google Chrome (if it is installed)

How to open web link from other apps:

You can use any other app (i.e. Mail) that has “Open In Another App” feature to transfer your weblocs or Internet Shortcuts to Webloc Tool. Just select the file, look for Open In or Open In Another App option, and select Webloc Tool.

Opening from other apps


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Available on the App Store